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Please fill-out all requested fields with your information. Fields marked with an * are mandatory, while others may be left blank.

Spouse/Significant Others & Additional Registrants

If you are registering a spouse/significant other or additional registrants from your company, please complete this entire registration and you will be prompted to add those individuals after all primary registrant fields are selected. 

Dietary Restrictions

If you, your spouse/significant other, or any of your additional company registrants have dietary restrictions, please indicate the person's name and dietary restrictions in the "Add a Comment" space in Step 3 just before you "CONFIRM BOOKING."

Top Golf Networking Event (Thursday)

The cost of the golf outing ($150.00) is NOT INCLUDED in registration. If you wish to participate in this activity, please select the appropriate fee on the next screen.

SLDF Fundraiser and Rat Pack Show
The cost of the Rat Pack event ($150.00) is NOT INCLUDED in registration. If you wish to participate in this activity, please select the appropriate fee on the next screen.

Banquet (INCLUDED with full registration; $225.00 price is for Spouse/Significant Other not registered for full convention)

If you are bringing a Spouse/Significant Other with you who will attend the Final Reception & Banquet but who is not fully registered for the convention, please select the Banquet fee under Options during the registration process. The Banquet is included with full registration.

Exhibitors & Event Sponsors

If you are registering as an exhibitor or would like to sponsor an activity during SUBExcel 2020, the appropriate fees are also available on Step 2 during registration. Please also see the Exhibitor Guide for details about event sponsorships.

Registration fees
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Please make your choice among the available registration categories and options. Note that once your registration is complete, you will not be able to modify your choices without contacting the organizer.

Your stay
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This page allows you to make a hotel reservation for your stay during the time of the event, should you need one. Depending on the organizer, you can choose to book your chosen hotel by either selecting your room and options directly from this form, or alternatively by clicking the link to the separate hotel reservations’ page (if available).

Of course, hotel reservations are optional and you can always choose not to book any from this website.

Note that hotel reservations will not be paid via this website. Payment details will be organized separately by the organizer.


The first registrant will receive the invoice and pay for the entire reservation.
Important info

Please review your registration details. If all your information is correct, you can select a payment method, or simply confirm your booking if the registration is free.

In case of a bank transfer payment (if available), you can confirm your booking and make the transaction afterwards. Of course your registration won’t be officially confirmed until the correct amount has been received by the organizer.
If you select online payment (if available), confirming your booking will redirect you automatically to the vendors’ online payment page, where you’ll be able to proceed with the transaction.

In the box below, you may enter a comment that will be read by the event organizer.

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